Bible Savvy Podcast Episode 49: Romans 10:1-17

Does redemption mean something different for the Jews and the gentiles? Join Pastors Nikki, Eric, and Clayton as they discuss Romans 10:1-17 in this week’s episode of the Bible Savvy Podcast.

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  1. How do you subscribe? I’m old, so this is foreign language about podcasts. I can subscribe to the news paper or magazine (does anyone offer these anymore?) But not podcasts. Help……Now, I must say , ilesten “religiously” to the podcast and I lean something new every week. That young pastor, what’s his name? Oh, I can’t remember. But, he teaches sometimes on Sundays and he teaches seminars on various books of the Bible. I like him, but I think that young, very intuitive, lady holds the entire thing together. While the ERIC guy tries to be funny, but he’s pretty smart too….pj

    1. Hi PJ,
      I get this question a lot; don’t worry! To “subscribe” to a podcast, you must use a service to listen to it. If you use a free service like iTunes, Pandora, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc, then you can search for “Bible Savvy Podcast” and click to subscribe. Then your smart device (tablet, smartphone, etc) will give you notifications each time one of our podcasts go up.
      If you catch one of those pastors after church some weekend, I bet they’d be able to show you in person as well. 🙂

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