Bible Savvy Podcast | S4 Episode 1: 1 John 3

Join Pastors Nikki, Clayton, and Eric as they discuss their favorite fantasy and animated creatures (or iconic, spongey cartoon characters who make Krabby Patties) they would love to visit at a zoo (or hangout at the Krusty Krab with)! They also look at the familial language, contrasts & parallels, and insightful repetition found in 1 John 3:11-24

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  1. Nikki, thank you for your questions and openess. Getting those two other guys too answer questions we may be asking ,as well as you, is an important part of this podcast. I love your insites as well.
    All of you, the explanation of the passage John 3:16-24, particularly the “We shall know” part was invaluable.

    PS: back in July Nikki’s question had something to do with, “what would want to have an endless supply of. Her answer was toothpaste. I was about to throw out my tube and decided to see how long the rest would last. I brush my teeth twice a day. On July 15 I took photo of the tube. I had a loves and fishes experience! It lasted until August 15. See the photos sent by email…..p

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