Pastors Jen Kelly and Cory “Choir Lead” Shumate are joined by Crystal and Kevin Beckford. Outside of their day jobs, the Beckfords are both immensely talented musicians who have been musical ministry leaders for numerous churches and performed on stages for a few decades, including at Christ Community!

The four of them also discuss worshiping with your loved ones, the unique way music connects with our souls, and so much more in a very special edition of Faith at Work!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart and gifts with us! I love how you were open and loved that you said it is a partnership! Praising through music is a partnership that we both have to feed off each other, you the leader and us the congregation. I also love that it is mentioned that worship is not about us and what we like or are good at. It is about praising and worshiping our Risen Savior!

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